Bringing Miriwoong Back

Fewer than twenty people were fluent in Miriwoong when work began to preserve this virtually-extinct language. And those native speakers were all elderly and their numbers were dwindling fast. At … continued

Fundraising Started

Black and White, Deadly Australian Stories is now actively seeking funding, sponsorship, and donations in partnership with Documentary Australia. This partnership provides our organisation with DGR status which means Black … continued

Recent Activity

Taking Black and White to Canberra How lucky are we to have this vibrant, assiduous, interesting couple leading our nation from Government House, Canberra. (from left) Black and White Stories … continued


I’m Philippa O’Donnell, a journalist raised in regional Victoria. I’ve worked in print, radio, television, and online media all over Australia. It was my privilege to be a journalist and … continued

About Kununurra

I can tell you Kununurra is in the middle of nowhere. But it doesn’t always feel like that.

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Photograph of attending to the camp fire