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A snapshot of some of the people to be features in Black and White, Deadly Australian Stories.

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Coal Baking for Beginners

by Nikolaus Yee.

While you might imagine that everything is spit roasted over a roaring campfire flame, the reality is that coals are the heart of any camp cooking enterprise. The steady, high and slow heat that coals provide is much better for cooking than an open flame which will fluctuate in direction and intensity.

To prepare a campfire for cooking, first pick a safe spot at least 2.5 meters away from any trees or bushes that might be set alight by a flying spark. Digging a shallow pit or encircling the fire with stones, or both, allows easy and safe access to the fire.

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About Kununurra

So, what can I tell you about Kununurra?

by Nikolaus Yee

I can tell you the facts: The township of Kununurra was initiated in 1961 to service the Ord River Scheme, which is an ongoing program to dam and divert the Ord River waters to irrigate crops. The population has grown to about 8,000 (2016 census) and it swells to 12,000 in the dry, tourist season or the fruit-picking season.

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