Black and White, Deadly Australian Stories is a charitable company formed to create a record of contemporary Australia, with a focus on positive interactions between Australia’s first peoples and newer arrivals, in metropolitan, regional and remote areas. We are recording and preserving these stories as an anthology of podcasts, written stories, and photographs with the aim of capturing first-hand information about the convergence of cultures forming modern Australia.

Black and White is now actively fundraising through Documentary Australia. Australian taxpayers can claim the full amount of any donation made through Documentary Australia.

Several interviews have been recorded and in 2023 we have commenced production.

Funding is our greatest need. if you can help by direct contribution, partnerships, fundraising advice, grant submission writing, or any other form of assistance, we’d love you to get in touch.

First Stories

Each story is recorded in situ, with two principals (one Aboriginal, one not), in native language where appropriate, and telling stories of projects which have sustainable, positive outcomes. The three stories currently in production are:

Feeding Culture
Ju Ju Wilson worked tirelessly to reintroduce culture to successive generations in remote North West Australia. With Mandy Milburn, she worked from a community garden in Kununurra, providing cultural lessons, workshops, engagement – plus food for those who need it. Her work was instrumental in giving back identity to those who may not have known where they came from.

Opening the Doors
Started with a $500 donation, Opening the Doors helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families with educational funding. Based in metropolitan Victoria, Opening the Doors helps children from hundreds of families for as long as necessary, while they are being educated.

Speaking Miriwoong
Working with linguists since the 70s, the Miriwong people in remote North West Australia have propelled their precious language from the virtually extinct list back to it being taught in local schools and to the wider, non-Aboriginal community. It’s renewing culture, traditions, and pride.

Future Plans

Black and White is exploring options for bringing positive Australian stories into the classroom, and, in time, we hope to make the story tellers themselves self-sufficient.

  • Curriculum specialists are working to incorporate these stories into mainstream education.
  • People in Australian communities will be provided with training and equipment (funding permitting) so they can record and preserve their own stories.


Black and White, Deadly Australian Stories has been established as a charitable company, limited by guarantee, with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. Freehills’ Special Counsel, Alice Macdougall, is advising us on a pro bono basis and has established the company to ensure it complies with all company, charitable, tax, and regulatory provisions.

The company is registered under its legal name, Australian Black/White Stories Ltd, effective 20 June 2019.

And Not Only Money

We need story ideas too, as well as contacts and assistance about travelling to areas with which we are not familiar.

We would greatly value any administration expertise, fundraising knowledge, business acumen, social media help, publishing skills and other ideas which may benefit Black and White, Deadly Australian Stories.

If you can contribute, or you’d like more information, please contact Philippa O’Donnell or Vicki Clark using our contact form.

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